Child Welfare Council, Punjab

Decision Making

Heading:   Decision Making

The General control of the affairs/decision making of the Council vested in the Executive Committee, which is the governing body of the Council for the purpose.

a.    The Executive Committee have all powers and perform all such functions as are the powers and functions of the Council mentioned in the Memorandum of Association and in rules, except those which are required to be done by the General Body.

b.   The Executive Committee shall set up a Standing Committee for conduct of day to day business of the Council in accordance with the provisions of these rules.

c.    The Executive Committee shall be empowered to set up Adhoc Committee and Sub-Committees for conduct of specific business of the Council. It shall also be empowered to delegate its powers and functions to such committees and Sub Committees except those which are required to be performed by the Executive Committee itself under these rules.

d.    The Executive Committee shall be empowered to regulate its own procedure and the procedure of the Committees and sub-Committees set up by it and to specify by Standing Orders the functions to be performed by the officers of the Council.

e.    The decisions by the Executive Committee shall normally be taken at a meeting of the Committee.