Child Welfare Council, Punjab

Bal Bhawan

Heading:   Play Way School at Bal Bhawan, Mohali

Playway method of learning is a child centric method where the method of teaching is informal and natural to suit the child’s interests. Play is how children learn and pretend play is an ideal way to exercise their creativity and imagination. They are engaged in pretend play or role plays. Through this activity, they develop love, respect, and appreciation for the world around them. Imaginary plays also allow kids to develop vocabulary, language and social skills while having loads of fun. This method is incorporated in the school for teaching languages, mathematics, social studies etc through a series of activities like games, songs, free play, gardening, construction activities etc

Following are the main method of our school to teach the children in such a way to explore their imagination and hidden treasure ;


Preschool is the most important part for a child’s emotional development; This is the age when children learn and accept mistakes and help them develop confidence in their abilities as they work towards building self-esteem, confidence, problem-solving skills and social skills. Positive attention is very importance for the children.

Our school organize regular co-curricular activities such as presentations, storytelling competition, fancy dress, poem recitation, Stage exposure showcase children's creative expression, self-esteem and interpretation skills – all of which can go a long way in empowering them. 


Children are involved in activities in such a way to help them recognise various letters and numbers. Vocabulary skills related to letters also taught them which contribute to their language. Further, skills like sorting, matching and pairing of numbers are also learnt. They are also involved in various games and activities to identify, observe and play with numbers whole day. 


Children are engaged in intellectual activities like problem solving and sequencing, solving puzzles and building towers to develop memory and observation skills etc.


At our school, children are taught different concepts such as fruits, vegetables, numbers, descriptions, transports, and so on through a range of highly engaging activities. All the activities are planned using colours and shapes of related items through a single concept. It is a wonderful medium of interactive instruction and is a great source of bringing real learning for little kids. 


To develop fine motor, imaginative and creative skills in kids, we conduct regular clay molding sessions. Children are encouraged to play with clay and create shapes and objects. These sessions also enhances the hand-eye coordination among children. Children learn how to mould and create things around them, understand colours and shapes of the objects and give life to their imagination.
Likewise, art and craft activities are an important part in the child’s overall development. It provides a new set of skills for self-expression, communication and endless amazement for the children. Craft work enhances their creativity and contributes to the pre-writing skills by holding colours, cutting patterns and drawing shapes. 


Children have great love for stories. Stories are a great way to teach children about life, about ourselves and others. Children learn about good social habits, sharing, etc. through stories. When they narrate and listen to stories, they also develop language and imaginative skills. 


Fun activities help build thinking skills in young minds, Children are taken out on nature walk to a nearby garden to help them understand and comprehend various concepts about nature. Before going to the park/garden, teachers set some ground rules for children which they attentively adhere too. . It also gives them the opportunity to develop peer group bonding while learning to behave in a socially acceptable manner. There need not be a special occasion to get your loved ones together; picnics are a great way to spend quality time, creating lasting memories of togetherness.


Children move naturally. They move to achieve mobility, express a thought or feeling, and because it is joyful.

At our school, children get involved in dance and aerobics to boost their body strength, flexibility and confidence. It’s a great way to help young learn about body coordination and body awareness while spending quality time with their peers.


Students come dressed to school in red clothes carrying red objects. During the freeplay period the students are encouraged to speak about the objects they brought to school. Later along with the Music teacher, the students sang songs like ‘My Red Balloon’, ‘I like to Eat Red Apples’, etc., to celebrate the red day. In the Activity class, students colour different objects in red and also colour the picture of a tomato red.


The festivals like Dushehra, Diwali and Christmas are celebrated to inculcate among children about the importance of good behaviour and quality living.

11. Summer camps

Various activities are organised in Summer Camp where children learn to work together in a team, exhibit their talent and in return get encouragement and appreciation. Parents enjoy the performance of their little kids.