Child Welfare Council, Punjab


Heading:   Membership

There will be following classes of members :


a)      Founder Members : Founder members are those persons whose names appear as the first members of the Council in Schedule I vide Para I of Article IX i.e. Registration, to the Memorandum of Association. Such persons shall continue to be the Founder Members of the Council during their life-time or until they tender their resignations or any of them is found to be guilty of mal-practices or normal turpitude.

b)     Life Members : Life Members are those persons who are enrolled as such by the Executive Committee and who pay a minimum subscription of Rs. 500/-. Life Members are eligible for contesting elections or seeking nomination to become the office-bearers of the Council.

c)      Honorary Members : Honorary Members are those persons who are enrolled as such by the Executive Committee for a period of three years or such shorter period as may be specified in each case. Govt. officials representing the concerned departments for childrens' cause may be entitled as the Ex-officio honorary members. They may be elected/nominated to the Executive Committee.

d)      Representative Members : Representative Members are persons who are nominated from time to time by the State and the Branch Councils. Such Members are expected to have special knowledge, understanding of social activities and special dedication for the children activities.

e)      Corporate Members : The Executive Committee of the Council may from time to time admit any Institution, Trust or Foundation, Association or any other organised Body in the State or of National character engaged or interested in Child Welfare work as a corporate Member subject to the payment of such annual subscription as may be determined by the Executive Committee and submission of annual reports and audited accounts. Such corporate Members shall be entitled to nominate one representative to the General Body or Executive Committee of all Corporate Bodies one member will be nominated by the Child Welfare Council, Punjab.

f)      Individual Members : Individual Members are persons who are interested in Child Welfare Programmes and who Pay an annual membership fee of Rs. 15/- but do not represent any Institution, Organisation, Trust etc. but are members in their individual capacity. These persons enjoy the right to vote but are not eligible for contesting election.

g)      Associate Members : Associate Members are persons who are interested in the Child Welfare programme and who pay an annual membership of Rs. 5.00. These members will neither have the right to contest election nor vote.

h)      Invited Members : The Council may invite special members to the meeting by extending special invitations whenever it desires to do so. Invited members who have interest in the child welfare programme may represent organisations within the State or represent Organisations of their States including National or Inter-National Organisation.

i)      Institutional Members : Educational or other Institution imparting knowledge, Govt. or private may become members of the Council by paying the subscription fee as may be decided from time to time.